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We value your freedom more than anything. Sometimes, you take it for granted because it is always there until your freedom gets threatened by arrests. When you or one of your loved ones gets arrested, the only thing you want to do is to get that freedom back. The fastest and easiest way to get that freedom back is through bail.

Bail is a process in which the individual accused or the defendant gets to have temporary freedom with a commitment to attend all court hearings on his or her case. Bails are surety in the form of money or property. Once the defendant is arrested, the court will decide on the bail amount he has to pay for a temporary freedom. The bail amount usually depends on the crime allegedly committed by the defendant.

When the bail is paid, the defendant is free to go temporarily. So what if the defendant cannot afford the bail? Would you let that happen to your loved one? You can always use a bail bond. And the best part is, we are here to help you! We are the ‘most wanted’ bail bonds agency in San Diego. We will walk you through with everything. 

The process may be tedious because of the legal terms but we will surely make you understand in a simpler manner. Each case is different; our bail bondsman will explain to you everything from the case to the possible courses of actions after your loved one is released.

Our licensed bail bondsmen are considered experts in their field. They have been trained extensively to work efficiently for every client. They are also the most friendly and approachable among their peers. We assure you that you are in good hands with us. 

Once the bail has been decided by the court, give us a call to give you a little orientation about your loved ones’ case. We guarantee you that our company will keep the case of the defendant confidential. We have been in San Diego for a long time and we can’t stay this long if we are not a trusted company. Your bail bondsman will give you a crash course on the things that you need to do as well as the responsibilities of the defendant. 

When everything is clear and agreed upon, our bail bondsman will need the defendant and a co-signor to sign the agreement with him, as the representative of the company. The co-signor is responsible for making sure that the defendant will appear at all scheduled court hearings regarding his or her case. 

We offer you flexible terms and different payment options. By California law, bail bonds premium should be 10% of the bail amount set by the court. After paying the fee, we will spare you with the impending stress; our bail bondsman will facilitate the release of your beloved from behind bars.

Our company not only specializes in expertly getting your loved one out in jail through bail bond, but we are also experts in giving you a peace of mind by taking actions in an efficient and timely manner. Remember our name when the need arises. We guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction in all our services.

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Hire Our Bail Bondsmen and Spare Yourself from Stress